My name favorite thing to do is play video and board games,football,watching movies My family is mom sonya my dad berlin and my brother ryan My friends are timmy,nick, and brent and thats it My hobbies are playing games adn playing football i used to play with some other friends until they moved and i really like quit playing video games and also playing video games by myself

class scheadule
Help Desk Mrs.Carda 1st hour
JROTC Major Crities 2nd hour
Lit Is Film Mr.McDaniel 3rd hour
Advisory Mrs.Keith 4th hour
Web Design Mrs.Pullam 5th hour
Shakespeare Mrs.Nobles 6th hour
Buisness Technology Mrs.Huddleston 7th hour
Robtiocs Mrs.Miller 8th hour
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this is how many resources i can use in this class

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